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1 STAR or Lower Rated products

Pro Solution Pills, SizePro, Alpha Male Gain, ViMax, Virility EX, Longz, Pro-Plus Pills, Potency CX, Natural Gain Plus, Maxaman and Enzyte have all been reviewed and rated at 1 Star or less by PenisNexus.com and are not recommended.

Review factors include but are not limited to: Product Quality, Product Effectiveness, Reliability of Product Claims, Probability unproveable claims, lack of published clinical studies on product growth claims, billing practices, customer reviews, accuracy or inaccuracy of information posted on product or product affiliate sites, pricing and overall value.

Many of the above products contain yohimbe which is recognixed by the FDA as potentially extremely dangerous and may be particularly dangerous for people with blood pressure or erectile enhancement issues and should be avoided without written physicians approval.

All of the above products have been carefully studied and are listed on the PenisNexus.com Do Not Recommend List at this time.

For additional information, please visit individual product websites.

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