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Muira Puama Supplementation and Maintenance of Testosterone Balance in Men.

As men age they experience the effects of a hormonal double-edged sword. Serum testosterone levels decline with age in the human male while estrogen levels rise. Over time, this shifting of our natural hormonal balance may lead to decreased sexual desire, decreased sexual performance, full-blown erectile dysfunction, in addition to male-pattern baldness, lack of energy and decreased stamina and changes in muscle-to-fat ratios resulting in overall weight gain and a softer, less firm or "hard" body appearance.

In the youthful male, estrogen may be used to counter the effects of high-testosterone levels but as the human male ages and serum testosterone levels begin to decline while estrogen levels rise, the powerful cell-stimulation qualities of testosterone may be overwhelmed and locked in an "off" position by higher ratios of serum estrogen. Males begin to notice the effects of this shifting hormonal balance in the form of reduced sexual arousal and loss of libido in addition to changes in physical appearance mentioned above.

The genital/pelvic region is rich in testosterone-intake receptors that are ultra-sensitive to the stimulation provided by free testosterone-induced sexual stimulus.

Some products on the market utilize patches or creams as a delivery system for testosterone precursors, however, localized application, even in transdermal form, may not provide the long lasting libido effects needed by aging males.

Testosterone, to be truly effective and to restore a youthful level of sexual interest, satisfaction and performance must be "freely" available to receptor sites in the brain, nerves and muscles in addition to the receptors in the genital region. With the onset of age, testosterone becomes bound to Serum Globulin or Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG) and may not be available at receptor sites throughout the body.

This "bound" testosterone is not available for physical uptake and the problem is compounded by increased estrogen production in aging males, in that, estrogen can increase the production of SHBG.

Expensive prescription therapies can correct this condition in aging men but for the average male an excellent alternative is regular supplementation with herbs believed to increase the levels of "free" testosterone in the bloodstream.

One such herb is bioflavonoid called Chrysin. Chrysin has demonstrated promising results as an aromatase-inhibitor and Body Builders have used Chrysin as a testosterone-boosting supplement for years. However, a study published in Biochemical Pharmacology (1999, Vol. 58) has indicated that many people may have a difficult time with the bioavailability or "absorption" of Chrysin which may be an incentive to use other supplements.

Another very promising herbal supplement that may significantly increase free serum testosterone levels is Muira Puama.

Muira Puama is derived from the stems and roots of the "Ptychopetalum Olacoides" plant and is widely used in the Amazon Regions of South America as a performance enhancer in addition to increasing sexual desire.

In 1994, Dr. Jacques Wayneberg, an eminent and widely published Sexologist (Author of over 10 books on the topic), conducted a widely-released study at the Institute of Sexology in Paris that was reported in the November 1994 issue of the American Journal of Natural Medicine. The study consisted of 262 male participants and showed up to a 62% positive increase in libido and erectile function as compared to subjects administered a placebo.

In a separate study by Dr. Wayneberg, he focused on the sexual difficulties associated with "Male Sexual Asthenia" or fatigue, loss of strength and libido as a result of testosterone deficiency. Again the results in subjects administered Muira Puama were promising. 66% of couples reported increased frequency of intercourse when taking Muira Puama and 70% of men reported an intensification of libido. 55% of men reported a restored stability of erection during intercourse and 66% of men reported increased physical energy, stamina and an overall reduction of fatigue in addition to improved sleep patterns and an increase in the frequency and intensity of morning erections.

In an interesting aside, the Muira Puama study listed above showed the herb to be most effective in subjects demonstrating the least psychosomatic symptoms. In fact, the results in the absence of psychosomatic factors were amazing. Subjects with no noticeable psychosomatic conditions reported that Muira Puama supplementation was 100% effective in the treatment of "Male Sexual Asthenia", 85% effective in improving libido and 90% effective in restoring the ability to achieve and maintain coital erection for 90% of the subjects.

This last observation serves to confirm the benefits of Muira Puama as a broad tonic. Also, Muira Puama is not an artificial stimulant and instead acts to fortify the system over a period of time with some men reporting increased vitality and virility within two weeks, however, the full effects of Muira Puama supplementation are revealed over a period of several weeks.

Clearly, a case is to be made for regular supplementation with herbs that show promise in supporting improved testosterone production and uptake. The products are out there. Do your own research and enjoy the benefits of Natural Solutions to everyday conditions!



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